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(written following the tragic events in London yesterday, a diary entry, not a poem or lyric)

Wearing headphones on a windy, rainy afternoon,

Safe, warm, tickling a keyboard and lost in composition,

Just trying to conjure up a new ‘song of love’ to sing,

While outside, and far away from here, in The Smoke,

Another lost conjurer, this one composing a ‘song of hate’,

A steering wheel for a magic ring, a knife as a magic wand,

He got to sing out loud his melody of hate, cast his evil spell,

Leaving the good and innocent dead, dying or maimed for life,

I wish I’d kept my headphones on, no more songs of love today.

Also, I think I’ve posted this short piece of music before. It’s called ‘A Life’. Somehow, after yesterday, it seems to have found a purpose.

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28 thoughts on “NO ‘SONG OF LOVE’ TODAY

  1. I feel like there should be windows on opposite ends of a courtyard, that the conflict is not so distant after all. That the rain catches color of the love and hate, and the abandoned goddess lets her tears overwhelm one and give rise to the other.

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  2. To me, the most terrifying is the fact that all these innocent people simply enjoyed the day, didn’t do anything extraordinary, and were unknown to the attacker, yet he hated them so much that he came at them with a knife. Mad world.
    Your music is beautiful.


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