george (3)

(pic taken in those glorious days of hope; the days before the ‘spot’ arrived) 

How can anyone run a business, even an online business like mine, if they are cursed with a ‘spot’? I eat healthily, work out in the gym, rarely drink any alcohol, don’t smoke or take drugs and have an OCD thing about personal hygiene. So how come I’ve got this ‘spot’. It’s not just any old spot either. As they would say back in Devon where I grew up, it’s a ‘proper job’ spot. Arguably, the mother of all spots.

Worse still, this spot is an attention seeker. If it didn’t want to be the main event, why does it glow in the dark?  I don’t glow in the dark, I’d rather stay in the shadows, out of harm’s way. Why does it sit so proud on my jugular? I don’t attack things as a rule, yet this ‘spot’ deserves to be attacked. The problem is, I think it has masochistic tendencies. It enjoys me beating it up. After every attack, it grows bigger, stronger. What at first was just a glimmer is now a shaft of red light. I worry it will attract moths.

I can’t go outside anymore. I tried walking down town, covering it up with a scarf. It was the only hot day so far this year. Not only did I look an idiot, I also boiled alive on the walk back up the hill. Anyhow, outside is off the menu. I fear white witches will rush up to me and touch the ‘spot’ for good luck, or I’ll meet the girl of my dreams and she’ll see only my ‘spot’ not the real me.  I heard on the news Mount Etna erupted the other day. Well, I can tell you, that’s nothing compared to my ‘spot’. I hate ‘spots’.

Still, here’s a bit of sound art. Another demo piece from the Cosa Nostra album composed using samples.  It’s called, ‘A LOVER’S FUNERAL’. I wish the spot was dead. I won’t be giving it a funeral, that’s for certain. Hope you enjoy;


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25 thoughts on “THE RANDOM ‘SPOT’ OF ZOOLON

  1. The Jurg Spot! The Lord Zoolon spot. That’s why it’s special. I just watched Emma Watson in beauty and the beast. English girls are beautiful, so was Diana , Kate winslet is a fav. Get yourself an English rose!

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      1. Common sense tells me that the leper colony in ancient Crete would be the best placed for me to go. In the land of multi-spotted people, the one-spotted man will be King, or laughed at for having just the one spot.

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      2. So cruel, Lady Yasmin in my hour of need. Maybe not a leper colony, a desert island with no mirrors instead. In the land of no other people, the only person is definitely King – unless that person is a girl, and/or subject to no survivors from other ship wrecks in the future. Nothing is easy when you have a spot.

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  2. If the spot gets much bigger, you’ll be the spot on the mother of all spots. Sad to read the spot has put you on house arrest. There must be some magic remedy other than time. Humorous pairing, “The Random ‘Spot” of Zoolon” with “A Lover’s Funeral”. Maybe just a private gathering (shove-off) when the spot finally dies. George, a terrific piece of sound art. ~ Feather & Lightfoot

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  3. Okay, um, pardon my Midwestern ignorance–you’re talking about acne, yes? Because good heavens, Sir, I’ve had it for, like, twenty years, and bad enough to take the meds that’s now proven to kill unborn babies (it was a popular medicine at the time). So, I get the annoyance and the pain; I thought for sure it was finally out of my system with motherhood, but it seems that my skin had other ideas.

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