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(The picture is a photo inside a cave. I took it somewhere in the middle of France)

For the first time since mine died I got to take a dog for a short walk over the weekend. A small, cool dog called Barney. Inevitably, I had a couple of random thoughts while walking him. Well, more like a random question, plus a random thought. First, wouldn’t the zombie genre have an entirely different edge if zombies had to give their pet dogs a bit of morning exercise before setting off to do zombie work for the rest of the day? Second, what with their giant halva (the most horrible, flaky sweet you could ever eat – like sugar coated dandruff) hands, it is unlikely that a zombie could responsibly keep a budgerigar (or any bird or rodent, thinking about it) as a caged pet, as cleaning out the litter tray would be impossible.  Anyway, it was around this time I remembered I once composed a piece of Sound Art with zombies in mind.


This is an early composition.  As I was – I still am – heavily into zombie movies and music sampling I wanted this piece to reflect that and communicate an understandable feeling of fear and discomfort.  Out of a library of samples I made, the key elements I used for my recipe here were gun shots, screams, radio talk, police cars, generic zombie sounds, doors/gates opening and shutting, smashing windows, guns reloading, voices and a little music plus some dramatic orchestral sounds. After applying techniques and manipulation I had the finished piece. I like to think it would fit in really well into a video game – I’m heavily into gaming as well as zombies – sad, I know.

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34 comments on “MARCH OF THE DEAD”
  1. yassy says:

    I heard it in SoundCloud, it’s scary. Lord of the Zombies. Great innovative sounds. Quite freaked me out. Lord Zoolon , we have a very talented king amongst us.

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      I did compose it to scare, so I suppose I did mean to scare the listener. Not so good if it scared, Lady Yasmin though. Sorry.

      1. yassy says:

        Great composition! Do you have an Asus for gaming

      2. zoolonaudio says:

        Shamefully, I spent a fortune on having a PC specially made for my gaming. I could run an average size country on the PC I think. I just cry every time I remember how much I paid.

      3. yassy says:

        Well, if you enjoy the stuff, it’s money well spent. Well, you are running a country , Lord Z! Don’t see why you should cry anyways. Went from the state’s coffers , ha ha, it’s cool.

      4. zoolonaudio says:

        Obviously, I must tax the peasants more. A tax on peanuts and rice, perhaps. Then I can have the greatest PC ever made and game away forever.

      5. yassy says:

        The zombies are going to get you for this.

      6. zoolonaudio says:

        Do you I need to be a king a bit like King Arthur? He didn’t tax peasants that much – although I wonder how he made money?

      7. yassy says:

        You are different. You are king Jurg, as you are fondly called.

      8. yassy says:

        Zombies made money go him, I wonder how?

      9. zoolonaudio says:

        Zombies weren’t invented in King Arthur’s time.

      10. yassy says:

        Yeah, I know ! There must have been something similar?

  2. TJ says:

    crazy freaky – good stuff! Bit reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails!

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thanks. This is one from the days when I first started experimenting with sampling. The possibilities are infinite.

  3. George, what a fantastic cave. Barney is adorable and the sun was out. When I read your words I had a random thought, how could a zombie have a pet for more than a few moments, don’t they eat most things that move? “MARCH OF THE DEAD”, terrific sound art with great creep factor. ~ Feather & Lightfoot

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      It was some cave. I can’t remember the town where it is, but basically at the back of a really old house, in the garden, there were steps down into a whole maze of these caves. It was hardly advertised and cost just a few Euro’s to get in. It is possible a zombie might want a pet, but they just can’t help themselves, Feather & Lightfoot (although Lightfoot probably doesn’t have his own take on zombies).

      1. It makes me wonder about the original owners of the really old house. “I just couldn’t help myself”, that would be a good defense before the judge. Animals seem to be keen about things that aren’t quite right, for instance immediately before an earthquake, maybe they’re that way with zombies too. ~ Feather & Lightfoot

      2. zoolonaudio says:

        The original owners, being French probably kept their wine down there. I remember that the steps were steep so probably the zombies couldn’t have got down to the cave.

  4. Move over the Walking Dead. The real zombies are here x

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      The samples were taken from Walking Dead, hence this piece, legally, can never be out on the open market. It was just a uni project, I dug up.

  5. Well…. I didn’t notice that and while I despair of the present and half the last series, I am a big fan.

  6. I had to giggle at the thoughts you have while walking the cute little dog. 🙂 Great piece. I could definitely feel the tension.

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you. Random thoughts can be a blessing, but are mostly a nuisance – if I wrote down the really stupid ones you’d think me really stupid.

      1. I love imagination. Makes life interesting 🙂

  7. Dude, this is TOTALLY a montage track for Ash building a new crazy-ass weapon for fighting the Evil Dead. I mean, you’ve got the perfect moments to sync up the zooming close-ups to his chain-saw hand, or his eyes, or his chin, or, of course: “Groovy.”
    Or: “Work shed.”

    Kickass, Friend. 🙂

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thanks. Part of me wishes I’d captured my samples from I royalty free/no copyright source as I could do a whole lot more with this piece.

  8. inesephoto says:

    Wow, it is very good. I haven’t watched Walking Dead, so it is all new to me 🙂

  9. C.J. Black says:

    Great conversation piece. Will sample later, thanks for the exposure.

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thanks. Hope you enjoy it.

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  11. partsocaster says:

    This is quite good, I hear the TWD theme sampled in the background in chunks, nice play. Great use of stereo imaging, only thing I want here is raging guitars once and a while. Good stuff.

    1. zoolonaudio says:


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