Today, was the day a statue grew out of my head, and all the while the police were waiting, patiently waiting in the background, to arrest the mutant that was me.


I was lost somewhere in life’s whirlpool,

Drowning in a sea of sweet dreams,

Somehow rescued, I looked all around me,

Saw a mystifying place that I’d never been,

So bright, full of light, I was blinded,

Needed darkness, more than ever that day,

The blackness of a womb, someplace to hide in,

A safe harbour for a vanished castaway.

(perhaps, another beginning of a something – perhaps just another nothing destined for the wasted lyrics recycling bin, ‘What Next’s’ like ‘Why’s’ always are a bit like it)

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42 thoughts on “WHAT NEXT?

  1. What about those that plan the “what’s next”? Even in the planning the unexpected surely happens, resulting in the “why”. I’ve found there’s never really an adequate answer to the “whys” that life throws our way, settling for the most mind comforting answer seems to be okay. Terrific words, with each line you’ve captured a stunning visual. My favorite, “Drowning in a sea of sweet dreams”, which goes so well with “Requiem for a Ghost”, a wonderful piece. Enjoy your Friday evening George. ~ Feather & Lightfoot

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      1. The odd thing is that trying to re-edit it I can’t make it look like the original. It’s now Neanderthal me and will never ever be shown in public, even though, as a picture it looks cooler than the other one.

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      2. I didn’t realize I’d left any colour in, but I remember in the original I looked as OK as I can look. I might edit again, maybe Photoshop, and come up with a person I do not know. Do you have to give a name to a new person?

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      3. I couldn’t actually live in a bell tower. Vertigo would be a issue. Posing with tourists who wanted photographs with me wouldn’t be something I’d like to do either. Have a good day, you two Jedi Masters. George

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  2. If the person out there who made a wonderful comment re this piece thinks I am so bloody rude to have trashed it, please think again. I pressed the wrong button as I was posting a reply and can’t find out how to get the comment back! I have manners, and what I did was a mistake.


  3. It’s neat to meet another creator who stops and starts and so on. I’ve got so many ideas and outlines shoved into the various crevices of my head, and I’ve not a clue if any will be more than scrap. But when you first think it, find it in you, and hold that thought there in the center of it all: rather like walking into a house warmed by a fire, isn’t it? A heavy-sweet encompassing.

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    1. I certainly stop and start. Can’t help it. You’re lucky that things sometimes come to the front of your head. The thing is, changing the subject a bit, with the audio that you do, I had the random thought that, since we are able to capture sound in a mass of ways, as well as get that sound out there on different platforms and through so many different ways, is there any point in teaching dyslexics to read and write? With written exams, for an example, they expect a dyslexic to read and understand the question, then write their answer in the way non-dyslexics do, but only give the word blind suffer an extra 1/2 hour to finish. The 1/2 hour is a pointless thing, they might as well make 1/2 second or a year. It wouldn’t make any difference. But if the exam paper were audio, and the student could answer through audio, everything would run OK. Dyslexic’s know loads of words, just can’t see them on paper or spell them.

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      1. Hmm. That’s a good question. I suppose I still stand by writing and reading the print because my personal experience with audio books is “meh” at best. Having words in front of me helps me focus on what I’m taking in; when I’m only listening, my mind wanders: How am I gonna finish that scene? What in Hades are we gonna have for supper? Did Bash poop today? I guess reading is like putting blinders on: it’s harder for me to get distracted when I have to focus on the text.
        But, there is the simple fact that I am not dyslexic. I guess if I had a dyslexic child–Blondie and Biff read just fine, but Bash shows no interest, so I suppose there’s a possibility with him–I would certainly want more audio resources, but I would still want some reading/writing, too. I’d just want the ratio to be more fitting to his needs.

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      2. It was 5/6 years ago when I was at school – uni was fine because I was on home ground with music – but if the questions on an exam paper were long, I’d often answer the wrong question, because I read it wrong, and the bit when they always said, “you’re dyslexic, you can have an extra 1/2 to finish” always felt like a pointless thing for them to say.

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    1. Glad you said that as I am actually seeking words for the melodies composed for the new album I’m working on. Reading this again, I might just have a fit for an extended version of this piece. Thanks.

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      1. Your poetic lines are a treasure. You take a line or even a particular word from the treasure box, and you might see them in a different light and mood, and write a completely new poem.You never know 🙂

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