Another pic from the Festival of Marionettes held in Charleville-Mezieres, Ardennes, France. It’s on again this September and I shall try to get back there. The word surreal doesn’t do it justice.

Anyhow, I haven’t posted any music lately so I thought I’d make amends.

I’ve already posted several songs from my old concept album, Liquid Truth. It was themed on Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’. This piece, using samples is the short intro, an instrumental, that tries to capture the feeling of the cave itself, not necessarily the prisoners kept there. I didn’t want too threatening a mood, as the cave was the only place the prisoners had ever known i.e. basically, their home.

Hope you like it.

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33 thoughts on “WORLD OF SHADOWS

  1. George, this is a brilliant piece, bringing the cave to life, and giving the cave (her) a personality. You’ve gone beyond capturing all the senses, and have actually taken me to the cave, I now have the chills. Wonderful. ~ Lightfoot & Feather

    (Fabulous photo too!)

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      1. WHat!!! The dudes must have eaten the button. I will check my settings and see thjere is nothing wrong. WordPress tough are murder at times. There’s times I can’t like posts . That happens very other day. I press the button and it goes on then off again

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    1. As a kid I was taken to a cave – Kent’s Cavern, in Devon. The tour guide, telling the story of prehistoric man, turned all the lights out at the crucial part of his story. I thought I was going to die.

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  2. The water drops carry their own melody.
    And you sound like me when it comes to dark places–I was always terrified of empty dark churches. Which is a bit of a wrench, since my dad was a preacher and often worked late and we’d have to go fetch him from the dark empty church.

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    1. Water drops are perhaps the original Found Sound – ancient humans would have got musical inspiration from the elements. And, dark places are not worth having. You can’t see anything, so what’s the point of them.

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