(the picture is of clouds over France taken from Dover Harbour this morning)

Just a thought, thought up driving home on Sunday.

CONTRADICTION (not a poem or a song)

To a land of faith and plenty,

Came the lonesome refugee,

All he wanted was a safe place,

To live, unchained and free,

Yet when he knocked upon the door,

They looked him up and down,

Said he wasn’t welcome,

Gave him the thorny crown,

And a ticket back to nowhere,

A war torn broken city,

Where he was on death’s promise,

Where he’d be shown no pity,

All is well in paradise,

When the lost souls stay away,

And all the good folk living there,

For those same lost souls, they pray.


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  1. George, this is marvelous and far from random, the commentary is powerful, emotional and physically heartbreaking. Who are the lost souls really, is it those that have, looking down on those that have not? I ask with respect and without sounding trivial, can an individual be complete without a country to call home? You’ve included a fantastic photo, the cloud cover is spectacular. May the rest of your Tuesday be wonderful and thought-provoking. ~ Rexie & Mia

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    1. That’s not trivial at all. It’s a really good point. I think if people were welcome anywhere and everywhere then national identity or a country to call home wouldn’t be important at all. The thing is, when rich nations don’t welcome refugees arriving from civil war, failed states, then the refugee is the lost soul, and the ones from rich lands who don’t want to greet them have no soul, probably only ever talked a good game throughout their lives.
      The sky got better just 10 minutes later when the sun came out trying to chase the clouds away. The clouds were having none of it. Shame I was on my way back, and not looking out to sea when that happened.
      Have a good one, Rexie & Mia

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      1. Lost souls discarded by the soulless, how is that for altruism? That’s just it “talking a good game”. I like that phrase, “The clouds were having none of it”. If only the clouds were in charge, maybe things would be different. ~ R & M

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      1. I want ur album ,bt it is very costly.i have read ur all songs by mia’s post.those r most lovely.alas! If i can hear with rhythms n as digital then i can more enjoy.bt left it.u do ur work wonderfully,i wish for u.

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      2. You are very kind. You can listen to the album on Bandcamp for free – I think for a few times – without downloading, although the sound quality on the actual download is a little better (I think Bandcamp do that deliberately). Other than that I’ve got some songs, sound art and weird samples (things I sell to other musicians to manipulate and make their own) on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/zoolon plus some, only a few at the moment things on YouTube if you type in Zoolon Audio.


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