I was sat in the back of a car stuck in an unreal queue, waiting. I was able to borrow a pen and paper to help kill the boredom, kill the time. I wrote down some random words as they came into my head. It’s a thing I often do. Sometimes a song appears. When the traffic started moving again I put the scribbled bit of paper in my back pocket and forgot about it. I was emptying my pockets today and found it.  I could barely read what I’d written. My handwriting is not good and you don’t get a spellcheck with notepaper. My brain had to be my interpreter. It wasn’t the gig it wanted but helped anyway.

I thought, for now, I’d leave the words as they are and go back to them sometime. You never know. There is a theme begging to get out, but for now they’re just raw and random as they were when they arrived.  


Bare lightbulb poverty

Barefoot, no ambition

TV, PC, stolen acquisition

Earth mothers and open mouths

Kentucky Fried Central

Finger food romance

Staffie, no name tag, no leash

Move on, nothing to see here

Love in a gravy stained tracksuit

Life in a gravy stained tracksuit

Street fighting stained tracksuit

Move on, nothing to see here

Friday’s coke snorting genius

World News? Brain in gear?

Who? What? When? Where?

Never ask Why? Never why

Indifferent indifference

Move on, nothing to see here

Really is, nothing to see here

Move on

Just go


If I could change the world

I’d unlock the poison door

Give people eyes that see

Not eyes that just look

Not eyes that turn away

Not eyes that can’t speak

Better blind than that

Nothing to see here


If you fancy a visit, the Zoolon Audio website it is at www.zoolonaudio.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZoolonAudio?lang=en-gb

YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCtOtegaQCJKBCZWYJDHOTPg

SoundCloud:  https://soundcloud.com/zoolon

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36 thoughts on “RANDOM WORDS OF ZOOLON

      1. I had no knowledge of him. I followed on Soundcloud. His ambient electronic moves at a an unnerving delicate pace, then grows faster than it first seemed it would. That, in terms of composition is a very clever, subliminal thing.


  1. George, your random words are far from random, capturing a poignant and sobering message about our reality. I love the rawness and what I would say is much more than impromptu composition, you’ve tapping into the bigger picture. Your image is a great choice, subliminal and suggestive at its best, mirroring your words. I agree with Mr. Steeden, I like this a lot. I hope you move forward with it, it’s really good. ~ Lightfoot & Feather

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    1. I like writing when I’m bored. I think boredom empties the brain, not that mine is full of things. Perhaps I should drive out at rush hour and sit in a traffic jam again – or maybe not, I haven’t got a suit and tie, a briefcase or a company car. Thank you, Lightfoot and Feather – George

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      1. You’re most welcome George. I wonder if external forces that surround us influence the words that come from the boredom, you know different place, different time. You were as they say, “in the right place at the right time” when you wrote your words. I keep trying to picture you in a suit and tie, with a briefcase and company car, it lasts about a split second then everything turns to the film, “Falling Down”. Snap, a traditional conformist becomes a nonconformist. *Laughing* that was a bit of a mind leap, you may be one of the few to follow my random thoughts. ~ Lightfoot & Feather

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      2. Follow or chase? That’s the thing with random thoughts. Some you can follow until you decide if they’re worth keeping, the good ones though, have to be chased before they run away. I did have a suit once when I was 16. I wore it twice and have no idea what happened to it. I think I remember I was told I’d grow into it. Keep thinking those random thoughts, Lighfoot & Feather

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  2. A most curious concoction of language, this. We used to get Kentucky Fried Chicken quite often when I was a kid–it was the closest place for food when we would visit my grandfather. Nowadays I can’t touch the food without thinking of him.

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  3. Your words stand alone perfectly although I’m curious to know how the music would sound to accompany your reflections. Something discordant to begin with or end with? On rereading, to begin with, culminating in something soothing, like it can all be made better? I like very much. Let me know if the music comes. I’d like to hear what you come up with.

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    1. I think this is a melody first, lyric adapt later. There’s no natural verse, although the ending has scope for a chorus, just. I’ll keep this. As I get toward the end of the new Zoolon album I think I might need it.

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