I wrote this song, Lemon Groves, about 4 years ago, around the time I discovered The Sopranos and was pretty much addicted, watching each series back to back.

The song is a very much a demo and it is a tale of Mafia murder in Scilly. Hope you like it.

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39 comments on “LEMON GROVES”
  1. yassy says:

    Rocking awesome sound. Sound like the Beatles.

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you Lady Yasmin

      1. yassy says:

        Always welcome Jurg.

  2. Love the peppiness of this one. Your voice is great on it too .

  3. George, this particular promo image for the Sopranos, it’s perfectly gritty, and has always been my favorite. I really enjoyed the series too, watching a ton of episodes back to back. A great title, “Lemon Groves”, it leaves me wondering how many bodies… This is a terrific demo, wonderful story and clever lyric (great voice, always). I hope to never sleep with the fish. We wish you a good Monday. ~ Rexie Lightfoot & Mia Feather

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you, Mia Feather. I think animal rights activists would be on the case of anyone sleeping with the fishes. Have a great Monday also, Rexie Lightfoot & Mia Feather

      1. Indeed, as the animal rights activists should be, that’s a big NO-NO… but in a frying pan is okay, how is that? Have a wonderful Tuesday. ~ Lightfoot & Feather

      2. zoolonaudio says:

        I have an image in my head of someone swimming holding a frying pan above the surface water with fish in them trying to keep them dry. If I add similar images I think we’ve invented a new sport. Have a fine one also, Lightfoot & Feather

      3. I like that image, definitely giving meaning to a fish out of water. Please have a good Wednesday. ~ Lightfoot & Feather

      4. zoolonaudio says:

        And you both, Lightfoot & Feather

  4. So strange! I listened expecting something uber-gritty, but it’s very upbeat, strong, determined. Of course, I’ve never seen The Sopranos, so I gotta watch out for that silly assumption-making…an enjoyable song, a roadtrip song down a rural highway with the first sunlight known in days. 🙂

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      More a B side track. But this is a big, big week and I thought a post to the blog would give me breathing space for the next few important days.

      1. Ooooooh, what’s the to-do, what’s the to-do?

      2. zoolonaudio says:

        A lot of the tracks for the new album – Not uni demo’s this time – are coming together.

      3. That’s quite exciting!

      4. zoolonaudio says:

        It is. It is mega in terms of importance. Well mega to me. The listeners will have the final say.

  5. Laura says:

    Great sound! 😀

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you, Laura.

  6. rothpoetry says:

    I really like this one!

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thanks Dwight

  7. Great stuff! Would love for you to share it on our Facebook community for music makers and bloggers! https://www.facebook.com/groups/musicmoguls/

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thanks for that. I shall take a look any minute now.

      1. Awesome! Were you able to join okay?

      2. zoolonaudio says:

        Thank you. I did join and have posted a couple of short pieces from YouTube. I’ll put some songs on there soon.

  8. Dear aficionado, once by mistake seeing the sopranos dvd and was surprised in a funny way hearing that the italian mob in new jersey speak in american. You know that I am Italian….and in a hurry I had had a big smile ! Oh and thanks for your pieces. Have a nice weekend amico mio. Ciao by Rinaldo.

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you for listening.

  9. inesephoto says:

    The Sopranos! I would love to watch it from the beginning again.
    Is it all about your Cosa Nostra related album? 🙂 I like the song.

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      More a prototype that gave me the idea for Cosa Nostra. The Sopranos was something else though.

      1. inesephoto says:

        Mafia and Psychology, some cocktail 🙂

      2. zoolonaudio says:

        My latest project is classical music album themed on two lovers in the last hours of Pompeii. It makes a change from the Mafia.

      3. inesephoto says:

        Another great project.

      4. zoolonaudio says:

        I hope so. It will be another product for the website. I’ve got a number of new products to be added over the next few months.

  10. No wonder you liked Sons of Anarchy. I’ve never seen the Sopranos but I hear the Sons are their West Coast cousins. Great song!

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thanks. It’s odd how TV sometimes does something great and I miss it. It’s only later I discover it.

      1. I’m constantly about five years behind on all the “new and hot” TV shows. I never wanted to see Mad Men then I saw it several years after it came out, and I was like, “This show is awesome!” Now I’m going to start on Game of Thrones… even my parents have seen it.

      2. zoolonaudio says:

        I got addicted to Game of Thrones, although the first couple of episodes from the first season I remember weren’t that good. It’s one you have to hang in there on before the addiction starts.

  11. tanssityttö says:

    Nice sound and you have a good voice! ☺

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you.

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