I wrote this song, Lemon Groves, about 4 years ago, around the time I discovered The Sopranos and was pretty much addicted, watching each series back to back.

The song is a very much a demo and it is a tale of Mafia murder in Scilly. Hope you like it.

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48 thoughts on “LEMON GROVES

  1. George, this particular promo image for the Sopranos, it’s perfectly gritty, and has always been my favorite. I really enjoyed the series too, watching a ton of episodes back to back. A great title, “Lemon Groves”, it leaves me wondering how many bodies… This is a terrific demo, wonderful story and clever lyric (great voice, always). I hope to never sleep with the fish. We wish you a good Monday. ~ Rexie Lightfoot & Mia Feather

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      1. I have an image in my head of someone swimming holding a frying pan above the surface water with fish in them trying to keep them dry. If I add similar images I think we’ve invented a new sport. Have a fine one also, Lightfoot & Feather

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  2. So strange! I listened expecting something uber-gritty, but it’s very upbeat, strong, determined. Of course, I’ve never seen The Sopranos, so I gotta watch out for that silly assumption-making…an enjoyable song, a roadtrip song down a rural highway with the first sunlight known in days. 🙂

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  3. Dear aficionado, once by mistake seeing the sopranos dvd and was surprised in a funny way hearing that the italian mob in new jersey speak in american. You know that I am Italian….and in a hurry I had had a big smile ! Oh and thanks for your pieces. Have a nice weekend amico mio. Ciao by Rinaldo.

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      1. I’m constantly about five years behind on all the “new and hot” TV shows. I never wanted to see Mad Men then I saw it several years after it came out, and I was like, “This show is awesome!” Now I’m going to start on Game of Thrones… even my parents have seen it.

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      2. I got addicted to Game of Thrones, although the first couple of episodes from the first season I remember weren’t that good. It’s one you have to hang in there on before the addiction starts.

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  4. I think you’ve got the touch! 🙂
    However, my loudspeakers are of the modest type. (Nothing special :-))
    But your compositions make them shiver in agony! My personal opinion: Perhaps a bit heavy on the bass? Which is in no way unusual for a young man your age! 🙂
    I’m soon 82 – but I love music! (Thanks for following my blog, but since I didn’t have your e-mail, I had to respond this way.)


      1. Hi, George –
        The bass was there but perhaps not as often? 🙂 But without the bass to mask it a bit, the gitar became a bit simple over time?
        Then came the next melody (I didn’t catch the name) where you went down a bit. What a rich voice that became!!! Probably not quite natural to you, but it ought to have been. A bit Leonard Cochen if you get my drift? It became you very well!
        Whatever you do,- don’t fall into the same trap as the Norwegian guy – Kygo! I think he’ll be in for a rainy year very soon, but that’s only my personal opinion.


      2. Sorry for not getting back to you quicker. If I could do a Leonard Cohen I’d settle for that! Thanks for listening ~ George


  5. Well, you’re a young man! And you’ve got the time! There was a distinct likness in your voice going into the low spectre, but – now may be a bit to early to sing comfortably in that range?
    Here I should implore that I know nothing at all about singing! 🙂 Only what I like to listen to!


      1. Great! Why did I start thinking of Gustav Mahler?! 🙂 And perhaps some ‘movie music’ fitting some of todays most popular features . . .


      2. Thanks. I am into Scandinavian Noir TV crime stuff. I’ve composed a lot of pieces that I’ve sent to the producers in Norway, Sweden and Denmark – no replies as yet! Mahler is brilliant.


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