Isn’t it strange when things we want to keep but have no present use for get stored in the library at the back of our minds for safe keeping. Then, as time goes by, sometimes these things get covered in brain dust and seem to be totally forgotten, like they never happened in the first place. But they are there, safe, but tucked away on that library shelf in our heads.

I found an old memory stick yesterday. I wondered what was on it. I took a look and found the basic lyric for a song I wrote and recorded back in December 2013 called The Girl Who Knew Everything. Then it all came back to me. All I have to do now is find the file the actual song itself is stored in. So, I’m now searching old laptops, PC’s and hard drives, in hope I can find it again.   For now, here’s the lyric. Hope you like it. 


They say you’re the one, the one who knew everything,

Even knew the day you’d die,

But I like to think you knew nothing, nothing at all,

Just a strange girl living a lie.


In cupped hands, you kept all your secrets,

In your head, you kept all your dreams,

In the company of prince’s and paupers,

You collected hearts, yet still fell apart at the seams.


Sometimes you’d tell me the stories,

Of all of the things you’d done,

Sometimes you’d show me your prizes,

And tell me, tell me that I wasn’t one.


Guess I’m out of bounds with my questions?

Would it be better if I didn’t doubt?

The myths that built up around you,

The same myths that the papers leaked out.


One time I met an old artist,

He told me you were once his raw muse,

I asked if he’d show me your painting,

I thought that he couldn’t refuse.


Sometimes you’d tell me the stories,

Of all of the things you’d done,

Sometimes you’d show me your prizes,

And tell me, tell me that I wasn’t one.


What became of the girl who knew everything?

What became of her body and soul?

They say you have a gravestone in heaven,

Or was that just damage control?

Copyright © 2013 Zoolon Audio.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

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42 thoughts on “THE GIRL WHO KNEW EVERYTHING – a lyric

  1. George, I agree with Yassy, this is “hauntingly beautiful”. Your story is so magical and mysterious; it has all the makings of a good legend, secrets, dreams, prizes and a collection of hearts. I’m looking forward to hearing the actual song, wishing you the best of luck finding it. Have a terrific evening. ~ Rexie & Mia

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    1. I found the song. Then worked out the reason it got forgotten. The vocal on the intro bounced around to the beat too much. Just 20 seconds, but enough to put me off it. The rest was OK. I think I’ll re-record for the new album. The melody works, generally I don’t bring the voice in that early. Have a fine day, Mia & R2D2

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    1. I have found the original. I discovered why it got hidden away. It was the intro I didn’t like. I’ll re-record it. The rest of the song was quite good. It had pace, lift and build. Electric guitar spine and a lot of interesting electronic sounds floating in the background. If I hadn’t come in with the voice straight away – I don’t often do that – the song would have worked.

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      1. Hmmm. Yes, I can see the decision to avoid voice. Very rarely can songs work with vocal as the immediate first impression…for some reason…how to put it…a lone vocal is too ethereal. Does that make sense? Like, the sounds of an instrument are a touch more tangible, we’re a touch more trusting to follow them than just a lone voice….(head shakes) no, I’m not getting the words right. Just assume I agree with you. 🙂

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  2. This is spectacularly awesome! 👏👏👏 I absolutely love this, it felt real, brilliant lyrics I hope you find the song, would be great to hear it🎶 🙌👍

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    1. Thank you. I have found it, but realized the intro was the reason I lost it. It just wasn’t how I wanted it. I’m thinking of re-recording it, with a few adjustments for a track on the studio album being recorded right now. Watch this space.

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      1. Haha so much for being flashy lol that’s great, it’s how most people do it these day! Btw if you ever need a song writer do let me know, songwriting is something I haven’t done yet but would love to do🎶🤗

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      2. Thank you Sophia. I have a whole mass of things going on for this new album but know when it’s done and my head is empty I’ll be begging for lyrics. Thank you so much for the offer.

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      3. No worries, I can’t wait to hear it, I’m sure it will be great 🤗 👍and if your head gets empty you know where to find me 🤗

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