‘How soon not now, becomes never’ was a remark thrown my way a lot when I was a kid. It was meant to remind me that putting something off generally meant that the ‘something’ never got done. It was only years later when I found out it was a Martin Luther quote. I adapted it (nicked it) and used it as a line in the lyric for my song ‘Liquid Truth’.

This (demo version) became the title song for the Allegory of the Cave album I’ve posted about recently.

Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Do you have any poetry readings on sound cloud. Also, what exactly do you do? Maybe I can do something with your stiff on my blog?

    1. Thanks for that. I am a songwriter (not too good at poetry) & a sound artist. The Zoolon Audio website where we sell samples for electronic musicians and artists, with a new range of plug-ins coming shortly is basically what I do for a living. I make all the stuff myself. I’ve got a profile, YouTube videos and Soundcloud on http://www.zoolonaudio.com If you take a look you can, if it feels right for you, add music/video to your new project. Thanks again.

        1. Thanks for taking time out to have a look. From the Zoolon Audio Soundcloud the acoustic numbers ‘Busking in Berlin’, ‘Red Planet’, ‘Erasing the 38th’ & ‘Fault Lines’ sit comfortably together. My ‘Liquid Truth’ album is on a different Soundcloud (an old one I used at uni) under george blamey-s.

        2. I plan to put a whole load of music with video on YouTube soon. I think my channel has about 6 things on it. You might find them interesting.

  2. George, terrific song! Your lyrics are often quite profound. For instance, the title, “Liquid truth” is so thought-provoking, and the idea of “never” in essence meaning forever, brilliant. You always offer so much to think about, thank you. I hope that your Tuesday was good, wishing you an even better Wednesday. ~ Mia & T-Rex

    1. Thank you Mia & T-Rex. The title was a lucky gift when I remembered someone who’s grasp on truth was very liquid, like a waterfall is. A good week so far. Hopefully not my famous last words.

    1. Thanks and thanks for the tweets. They have really helped. I’d planned for organic growth on Twitter instead of falling into the trap of buying followers that don’t exist and am ahead of the target I set when I started 2 months ago, plus the website is getting a lot of traffic. All down to you and a few others like you, so thanks again. I am waiting for more hamster stories.

  3. I’ll have to talk to Bo about that Martin Luther quote–he’s been in quite the Luther nut lately.
    Oh, and that’s quite the sassy guitar this time round–I like it. 😉

  4. The title is catching, and the music is great as always.
    Don’t buy followers, never. Quality matters most – established followers who engage with you, it is what matters. Your good reputation matters.

    1. Thanks, don’t worry I’m looking at organic growth on the Twitter front. It is a strange part of social media, Twitter. I see it as team work amongst the like minded. Only that way, is it a marketing tool.

  5. I like this quite a bit. It has a good deal of hidden and not so hidden angst. The layered vocals are intersting though I found I wanted the initial verse to be more prominent in the mix. Dig the droning guitar, that a Strat?

    1. Thanks. It was indeed a Strat. You make good points. This song was part of a challenge to write a concept album when I was at uni. I themed mine around Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Time was limited, hence it’s only a demo. One day, with this and the rest of the songs I’d like to do a proper job on them.

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