I was late to discover the word ‘scoundrel’. Don’t know why, I just was. Google says the word first appeared in the 1580’s, spelt as ‘skowndrell’ and of unknown origin.

A couple of years back when I needed just one crucial word to complete a lyric I was grateful to the posh old lady in the street who was telling a scruffy bloke off about something he’d done, or not done and yelled, ‘Scoundrel’ at him. The scruffy bloke looked like a builder if that helps.

Whatever, here is the old song in question, The Outbound Road from Hell. I’ve uploaded it from my old ‘Jorj’ SoundCloud although the newer stuff is on my main account at

Hope you like it.


If you fancy a visit the Zoolon Audio website it is at





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  1. George, love this! I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how great your voice is, your voice is great! You’re so creative, you always get me thinking, is the hell we know better than the hell we don’t know? Oh gosh, what an uplifting question, hope you’ve been having a terrific day, wind and all. ~ Mia

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    1. What a line, ‘Is the hell we know better than the hell we don’t know’. I like it even more if treated as an observation, like you this, rather than a question. I am sure you are a philosopher. Convinced. Still so cold here by the way, so very cold.

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  2. How long does it take you to record all the harmonies? I can’t imagine how you sketch out the layers of a single piece of language. That makes me think of building a story one letter at a time. Yowza, at least I have whole words to work with already…

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  3. Interesting that you were late to the ‘scoundrel’ party. The word is pretty much essential in historical romance 😉 I really enjoyed the song! Reminds me of something by Lou Reed with the intro, and lyrics and melody are great too.

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