Not counting bombs, of all the rotten things that fall out of the sky, I think rain ranks third behind seagull poo and giant hailstones.

It’s just an old demo but I thought an angry song for a horrible dark, misty, rainy New Year’s Day might fit the mood, unless of course it’s hot and sunny where you are.

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27 thoughts on “RED MIST

  1. George, your image is wonderful, it has such a vintage feel to it. I think it’s terrific weather for daydreaming and creativity, I might be part of the minority. Love, “Red Mist” all the more, it’s bright and sunny here. Enjoy the rest of your first day of the new year. ~ Mia

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    1. Enjoy your New Year Mia. The pic was the only one with rain in it I could find. I took it out the window of a rented place near Lille in France three years ago. Boy is it raining here, more tomorrow then the Arctic winds for the rest of the week. Deep Joy – not. How’s Rexie by the way?

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      1. Thank you George, enjoy your New Year too! What a way to usher in the new year, with rain! It rained here yesterday, quite sure you would have called it drizzle. The idea of “Arctic Winds” sounds adventurous, although I’m sure they’re far from that. Just checked in on Rexie, he’s asleep now, it’s no wonder, the neighbors had a party last night with fireworks, he was not a happy camper!

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      2. Animals and fireworks don’t mix. My dog used to run and hide, hide and run, shaking, shivering in a state of panic every Guy Fawkes night. Plus, the sheer fear the wild animals suffer. Personally, I hate fireworks. Fortunately, I found the waterproof hoodie this afternoon. Fresh air beckons.

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      1. Oh it is a very atmospheric image, and I love it. I just don’t like the fact that such weather exists 🙂 I wouldn’t imagine it was France. Looks like a view from my window 🙂

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