This is a weird song. Deliberately more a word plus music song than a generic song type song. A flatlining vocal and electric guitar sometimes let loose.

It is another demo from the concept album based on Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’ I wrote a while ago. This song is about the prisoner having left the cave and seen the wonders of the world outside. He returns to tell the others left behind about all the things he has seen. The problem is that they don’t believe him. They can’t see beyond shadowland, the only reality they have ever known. He finds their negativity disappointing and it is the disappointment that I am trying to convey in words and music.

The photo above I took at St Margaret’s Bay, Kent on Christmas Day as it reflects the sort of thing the others could not comprehend.

No in-betweens with this one, but I felt it a necessary track to make the concept album work. Hope you like it.

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26 comments on “A TALE STILL IN THE TELLING”
  1. Heartafire says:

    .20 , amazing! Love this, beautiful voice

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you. Sorry I couldn’t reply earlier.

  2. Wonderful. We really enjoyed this. ~ M & R

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you Mia and Rexie

  3. Phenomenal, nicely done

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thanks. It was one of those necessary songs that went down well at uni yet always worried me a bit.

  4. I think the thing I love best about your work is that it is so varied. This started like it was going to be acoustic only and then changed and your voice sounded slightly diff too. Brilliant

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thanks. I know this one is oddball but in the context of the allegory it needed to be.

      1. I love it. Not that that is everything but you want things that don’t always fit the mold

      2. zoolonaudio says:

        Thanks. I’m glad you liked it.

  5. inesephoto says:

    Great piece, great vocals. Happy New year to you, and happy creating! I wish people wrote music and poems, and sang songs instead of spitting hate at each other.

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      So do I. Roll on 2017???? I have to do even numbers of ??.

  6. inesephoto says:

    I am a little bit afraid of 2017, but there is no turning back.

  7. Curious harmonies. One gets a sense of the discontent and disappointment your protagonist is going through.

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      In the context of what I was doing it needed to be a odd song. I still worry about it but it scored high in the module at uni – well, the allegory project did.

  8. rothpoetry says:

    Liked the acoustic sound on this one! The voices added a nice touch!

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you and Happy New Year.

      1. rothpoetry says:

        Happy New Year to you!

      2. zoolonaudio says:

        The same back, have a great year.

  9. yassy says:

    How did I miss this

  10. Max Meunier says:

    the quality in the harmonic resonance of the timbre is fucking epic and unique. what a pleasant surprise. i didn’t anticipate a music blog.

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thanks for that. I came to blogging a couple of months ago initially because my advisers suggested that a blog would be a good thing to assist in raising a new business profile. Whether they are right or not it has, mainly, come as a pleasant surprise to meet up with a number of talented people, the sort you don’t see on Twitter too often. Your poetry and musings are powerful stuff triggering the reader to think.

      1. Max Meunier says:

        Thank you so much for your kind words. I agree that the environment here is wonderful and diverse. There are so many generous and supportive people who possess great talent. It’s really the first time in which i feel my content is reaching people who actually seem to appreciate it. Which is nice after all these years of seemingly pandering to the void lol

      2. zoolonaudio says:

        The void is a curse. For a musician gigging in bars is the void. If you don’t do covers then you’re dead. Hence my business is online.

  11. Apera says:

    awesome …..i love it…

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thanks. Glad you liked it.

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