Above, arguably the most pointless sign ever. I discovered it on a wall in the corner of Market Square where everything is just modern brick and concrete. ‘Near this spot were the town’s instruments of punishment etc.’ They’re not there and probably haven’t been there for centuries and I wouldn’t want to see them even if they were there. Odd. 

Anyway, so I get asked what creature I would least like to be out of all the creatures there are. I say, the mackerel at the back of the massive shoal. They say, ‘why?’ I say ‘think toxic things’. Surely that must be obvious to anyone.  Seems not.

I worked in a café for a short time after uni. There was a customer there who respectfully held doors open for women, a good thing. He seemed obsessive about it though, always on the lookout for more women to hold the door open for. He’d sit by the door in anticipation. I wondered if his life would be complete if he got the gig as doorman at The Ritz Hotel.

I started off this blog back in October with this experimental, sample based song. It’s slightly weird. If you missed it first time round here it is again. Hope you all, including Rexie the Cat, like it;

I’ll be back after the holiday. In the meantime, HAVE A HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

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    1. Things that look pointless only work if there is a point to them. Like the things beachcombers find. Some signs say a lot but say nothing at all when you think about it.

  1. George, Rexie and I enjoyed your random thoughts, we looked at each other and smiled when we read about the café doorman, so polite. I thought, “Erasing The 38th” was wonderful the first time I heard it. Rexie loves this song! He was thinking that it has a kind of jazzy-bluesy feel to it, although his music theory is weak. He also said the lyrics and imagery are great, he really likes, “Stars instead of street lights” and “Two moons instead of one”. I think he was doing his best to sing along with you and play air guitar at the 4 minute mark. Enjoy your time away during the holiday! ~ Mia & Rexie

  2. Ah, this one. Yes, this is the stuff of an art-house film, where characters cast eyes upon one another through a haze of cigarette smoke while the lights upon the artist on stage flicker and spark, so the barman unplugs the stage lights but no one cares, for the musician plays on to candles and neon and smoke-circled faces.

        1. Bet you wouldn’t muck it up. I’ve got some ideas for it. All I need to do is work out how to make 8 classical tracks merge. It would help if I’d written the last 6 tracks though.

        2. Ah. Hmm. Yes, having the tracks would probably help.
          I have no clue how storyboarding works, but if you do want to bend my ear with your ideas, we could see pops outof my head, too. 🙂

        3. They’re like a comic strip on a timeline. I think I’m alright on this one though. You can be the first person to know that the working title – perhaps it will become the actual title – is ‘Lovers in Pompeii’.

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