Here’s a demo version of a song ‘Ballerina Dancing’. The song was from a concept album I wrote at uni. The album was themed on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. The photo above is one I took during a marionette carnival week in Charleville-Mézières, Ardennes. Don’t know why but it seems to fit the Allegory somehow.

I was producing work in the name of Jorj then. I was christened Jorj by friend’s I was playing football with. It was an easier name to have on the back of my shirt than my full name. My full name goes on for miles.  Hope you like it;

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21 thoughts on “BALLERINA DANCING

  1. Oh my gosh I literally just been reading up on Platos- the Allegory of the Cave, for a blog post I’ll be posting on my blog this Thursday! So when I read your post, i was like wow what a coincidence 😊 The Ballerina Dancing sounds awesome 👏 the image is cool I can see why you chose it , it fits in with the title👍👏

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    1. I will look forward to reading it. When I was studying philosophy it one of the main things that got me thinking, so when at uni challenged to write a concept album it was the first thing on my mind. I’ll post some other tracks from the album later this week.

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      1. Thank you, I haven’t formally studied philosophy it’s just something I love to read and write about, amongst other topics of interest. That’s great, I’ll look forward to hearing more😊

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  2. George, “Ballerina Dancing” is amazing. What a wonderful idea for a themed album, Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, brilliant. The visuals you’ve created with your lyrics are terrific, “Ballerina dancing, she’s just a silhouette” is beautiful. Plus I really like the idea of, “All I know, is all I know”, that’s definitely something to think about. Your photo is a perfect companion, the lack of color gives it a very dreamlike, airy and surreal quality, much like a phantom ballerina. It reminds me of twilight, when all color fades away and everything becomes a shade of lavender grey. I suppose if you were in a cave all color would be monochromatic too, I imagine it to be the various shades of a clinker brick. Great post, I’m glad you shared this from your uni days. ~ Mia

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    1. Thanks Mia. I have a whole album from this project. The shame is it was recorded in a bedroom not a studio. The project was more about the art of concept more than the quality of mixing. I’ll gradually post some of the other tracks while I’m putting the two studio albums I am working on together, plus the Rexie song (I have a chorus already, I think). Being – so they tell me – colour blind is probably why this allegory has always been one bit of philosophy I relate to – i.e. there’s a whole world outside the cave to discover. Another, back to work moment, as I lost the E drive one one of the PC’s yesterday – could be a long day today.

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      1. You’re welcome George. Your words made me pause and wonder, (which is wonderful, thank you), are all creative processes the “art of conception”? I’m looking forward to listening to some of the other tracks. You’re very busy, please don’t put anything on hold because of Rexie’s song, (he chirped excitedly when I told him about the chorus). There is indeed a whole world outside the cave. Wishing you well with the PC, and hoping it’s not a dreadfully long day for you.

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      2. Rexie, being my number 1 fan is all important. Time stands still for a proper cat. You must tell him that. PC issues sorted, a boring 6 hour and costly process, yet I can report all is well. Better still, tomorrow is another day, not that I’m remotely like James Bond.

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      3. Thank you George, I did. Rexie is becoming a little enamored with himself, you know, time standing still and being all proper. Wonderful news about the PC, sad to read about the boredom, yet it’s amazing what time and moolah can remedy. Bond, James Bond, thank goodness tomorrow is another day, have a terrific Wednesday.

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