At the very back of the garden, there is an insect hotel. Each little space is designed for different types of insects. A sort of multi-cultural insect place that may not have chamber maids, but on the plus side has no tariffs to worry about.

Come autumn the spiders moved in and took over, occupying every room. The spiders must have thought that their lives were complete. A roof over their heads and no need to make webs anymore. At least they were safe from the birds. The people of Aleppo could do with being safe again.

Sevastopol, Hiroshima, Dresden and now Aleppo,

Same went for Guernica, Leningrad and Sarajevo,

There’s always a pitiful reason given for the bomb and for the longbow,

Doesn’t matter what side you’re on, when innocents die it becomes a freak show,

Others claim there is a God but I can’t see how that’s so,

It’s pretty clear to me all there is, is an open pit grave at the end of the rainbow.

I’m not a poet, I’m just someone who writes lyrics and melody. The mindless, wicked forced delay in sorting out the situation in Aleppo is so bad. The history books show we have learnt nothing over the centuries. So, sick and for what it’s worth I thought I’d write about it. Not that it helps anyone.

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22 thoughts on “THE INSECT HOTEL

      1. Sorry I took so long to get back. I talk and think a load of rubbish most times, Yasmin. But sometimes, just sometimes news from home and places continents away gets me down. Not only that, The Arsenal lost today.

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  1. George, I adore “The Insect Hotel”, it would be a wonderful addition to any backyard. Yet sadly, I know this post is much more than a plea for the shelter of the insect, but rather for all humanity. The word “humankind” has always thrown me for a loop, because it’s so far from being kind, as history proves this again and again. Take care. ~ Mia

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    1. Thanks Mia, the Insect Hotel only went up in September. A little late to get a decent bunch of insect’s guests in. The only plus out of it was that the spiders, when they had settled in at the hotel didn’t cover my car in webs anymore. As to the world at large, I’m fed up with it 100%, from the streets to the world news on TV.

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      1. You’re welcome George. I’m curious did you make the guest hotel? I imagine that this time next year the hotel will be teaming with permanent residents. I completely understand the preference of animals to people.

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      2. I didn’t make the insect hotel. Unfortunately, I come from a long line of impractical males. After uni I had a job in a café for a while. They told me I couldn’t butter toast, which was true. Looking back that opening line from the Ants song I wrote when I was 15, ‘I’m blind to all that’s going on around me’ remains true.

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      3. George, what’s all the hype about being practical? I think it’s best that we be impractical, which gives rise to great and interesting thoughts. Besides, I hear there’s going to be a surge in dry toast. I hope that your Monday has been productive so far, enjoy the rest of the day. ~ Mia

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