An older song I’ve added to the SoundCloud page.  It’s a rehash demo version of a song I wrote when I was 15.  I keep it because it was one of my first ever compositions. One day I’ll rehash the rehash and do it properly.

I’ve always liked the line “More to life than the rituals of living” even though I’ve forgotten what I was thinking about when I wrote it.

Here’s the song, ‘Ants in Awkward Places’ and I won’t list the entire lyric, just the chorus below. I hope you enjoy it. Soon, when I get the time I’ll make and post a studio version to compare against this demo.

‘I got a monkey on my back,

I got a monster under my bed,

I got ants in awkward places,

I got confusion in my head’

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30 thoughts on “ANTS IN AWKWARD PLACES

  1. You’re very humble about your abilities as a songwriter and lyricist, as you’ve mentioned before that you’re not a poet and so forth, but I think you’re very good! Besides, I don’t know if you can divide the world up into those who are talented and non-talented, poets and non-poets. We all have creative potential, but some people just work on it and develop it. Since you’re doing that, you’re only going to get better.

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