Most of the time I live, breath and think about all things music although sometimes I get interrupted by the random small things of life.

Take today. All I wanted to do was restring my old Ibanez Guitar. It is one of my favourite guitars and I needed it for a piece I’m working on.  To change the strings, I needed the bespoke Allen key I always kept in the guitar case. It wasn’t there. I think it’s lost forever so I looked for any Allen key that might fit. In the shed I found 47 Allen keys, some the same size as each other, others of different sizes – 48 if I counted the giant Allen key I can’t see the point of. Not one fitted my Ibanez.  The only person close by who might have the right Allen key runs a music shop and is the most miserable old bloke I’ve ever done business with. He sighs every time a customer enters his place and talks like he’s doing me a favour when I’m the one who’s paying. I can’t face him so now I must think of a plan B.

This is true. When I was thinking up plan B a random event I thought I’d got rid of yesterday interrupted me. Yesterday I had been told that you get salmonella mainly from contact with raw chicken. I didn’t know that. Not that I’d ever thought about it that much, I had always presumed that salmonella could only be caught if I was in contact with a sick salmon. I thought the clue was in the word.  I think salmonella should be called chickenella.  I doubt it’ll catch on.

Then someone suggested I simply go to the local DIY and buy a new set of Allen keys. I hadn’t thought of that. Then I remembered I don’t carry cash and I still haven’t remembered my pin numbers for my bank cards. On the plus side, I did remember to eat.

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    1. Almost good. I broke the last string when re-stringing and in my desk drawer where thousands of strings live a replacement for the broken one wasn’t there. My pin numbers lived on a bit of paper in that drawer. I think they have eloped.

        1. Not a bad idea. I come from a family of private investigators and they’ve failed. Luckily, instead of one the guitars I got the job done with a mandolin but still want the elopers back.

        2. I never saw it when it was on TV when I was a kid but the bloke who wrote the music for Morse was called Barrington Pheloung. He is a great composer.

        3. Seriously George , one nursery. Rhyme is stuck in my head. George, porgy , pudding and pie. And everytime I talk to you , it’s nostalgic

  1. Haha great post👍 I’m currently teaching myself how to play the acoustic guitar and worried my break one of the strings as I’m not sure how to put I new one on 😄 I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get there 😊

    1. When I started out I was just a kid and every time a string broke I got someone older to change it for me. As long as you can tune it you’ll be OK. If you ever get stuck on anything let me know.

    1. It came with the guitar. I got it 8 years ago. I discovered the allen key was in imperial not metric. Because of the lost pin numbers I had to borrow the cost of a massive great set of keys just so I had the right one. He keeps reminding me he wants the money back.

  2. I adore Barrington Pheloung’s albums for both the Morse series and the Lewis series. He knew his string harmonies and pacing for slow melodies. I need to write about him this winter, I think…

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