This sign ought to read, ‘Do Not Throw Anything IN the Sea’. Someone throwing things ‘AT’ the sea surely needs help? I felt I had to take a photo although not sure why.

Whatever, I found myself sat in the back of a car being talked AT, at a time when I was trying to think through a new music video I am making for the Zoolon Audio website and whether to have a fried egg with my baked beans on toast or just the beans on toast later.

In the end, my train of thought was ruined when I was asked what would be the first three things I would do if I was the Pope. I tried to explain that I am not a Catholic, I’m not anything, but they kept pressing me for an answer. They were getting impatient. Eventually I answered.

  1. I’d have a mufti day to start with like the ones we had at school. The robes the Pope and the Cardinal’s wear look naff to me. I’ll probably start it off on a Wednesday and see how it catches on.
  2. I’d replace the wafers and red wine they hand out and instead offer custard creams and hot chocolate. I don’t like wafers and hate the taste of wine. It’s all only symbolic anyway.
  3. I’d get the nuns to dress how they wanted, maybe wear Converse trainers, dye their hair different shades, maybe wear swimming costumes at the beach so they didn’t have to stand around in a group just paddling. They remind me of penguins generally.

No one seemed that impressed with my ideas. They said I wasn’t taking it seriously. The thing is, I was.

Here’s an experimental electronic piece called ‘DECIDER’ I made. Hope you like it.


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16 comments on “RANDOM THOUGHTS OF ZOOLON – NO.6”
  1. Heartafire says:

    a wonderful recording, love it! Insofar as the sign, I often get a real kick out of our translation gaffes, I find it really sweet sometimes.

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you. Thinking about it it was a French owned ferry I was on. Lost in translation or what!

      1. Heartafire says:

        We often are, I know I am, somehow the pronouns seem to get turned around, esp. personal pronouns, I, Me, You, lol, we do our best! 🙂 Thank you again for lovely music, good luck with your endeavors there.

  2. Lovely music. Loved the way it built into different moods but there was a driving force throughout. As for your ideas? Some folks just have none.

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you once more. I have loads of ideas just not one’s most understand.

      1. Oh never mind them.

  3. geo. raymond says:

    I suppose there is always the chance you might accidentally overthrow & miss the sea entirely, in which case, the sign is there to tell you to not.

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Given the ship was just off the coast and still quite close to the beach below the cliffs then the possibility of over throwing a house brick landward and hitting an old lady walking her poodle is a strong possibility.

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      Thank you

  4. Ha! Well *that* must have been a fun car ride. 😛
    This track makes me think…honestly, I think of kids. Probably because I’ve been home potty training the twins this week so I’ve only been interacting with kids, but I can totally imagine my eldest acting cool with her frizzy blond hair and shades, crossing her arms like she’s all that. 🙂

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      I can see that. That sort of thing is what I like about interpreting music. My new classical piece is done now but needs a video which means that unless I give up that’s the weekend gone.

  5. inesephoto says:

    Isn’t it often like that – people ask you for your opinion and are not happy with what you say 🙂 Funny 🙂

    1. zoolonaudio says:

      I never mean to offend, I just say nothing or the first thing that enters my head. I prefer talking to dogs than people and miss my dog a lot.

      1. inesephoto says:

        So sorry. I wish our pets had a longer life.
        There was nothing offensive in your answer.

      2. zoolonaudio says:

        I shall get another dog soon. Bit for now it’s all about work.

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