Some people look like a rabbit in the headlights most times.

Others look like the headlights.

On balance, I prefer rabbits to headlights.

Melania Trump doesn’t look 46. She looks much younger.

She also looks to me like she’s thinking in a panic about what to do or say all the time she is on camera.

She comes from Slovenia and I wonder if she supports NK Olimpija Ljubliana?

Maybe she supports The Arsenal although that is unlikely.

In another world, she would make a stereotypical footballers wife.

My ‘thought’ doesn’t mean that in a sexist way. She just does.

I hope I’m wrong about the panic look.

I hope I’m wrong about a lot of things.

Talking of panic, now a piece of electronic music I composed. In the making it felt a bit like I imagine panicking when climbing a mountain at night would feel like so I called it K2-Night. Hope you like it.

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  1. Mmmm. I can see the struggle here. I would not have thought a mountain, though it certainly fits. You’ve a knack for urban life in your rhythms, when man-created light holds back nature’s night. There’s also a sense of shoes with soles so thin the socks are soaked through by the puddles, and a cheek bone defined by forgotten cigarette ash.

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  2. I think that Malaria Drumpf looks way older than her 46 years, personally…then again, I understand that guys tend to not really look at a woman’s face that much.

    My 62-year-old mother has skin that is much smoother than Malaria’s leathery cheeks – and she’s had no cosmetic surgery.
    It’s all about perspective, I suppose!

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