Some people look like a rabbit in the headlights most times.

Others look like the headlights.

On balance, I prefer rabbits to headlights.

Melania Trump doesn’t look 46. She looks much younger.

She also looks to me like she’s thinking in a panic about what to do or say all the time she is on camera.

She comes from Slovenia and I wonder if she supports NK Olimpija Ljubliana?

Maybe she supports The Arsenal although that is unlikely.

In another world, she would make a stereotypical footballers wife.

My ‘thought’ doesn’t mean that in a sexist way. She just does.

I hope I’m wrong about the panic look.

I hope I’m wrong about a lot of things.

Talking of panic, now a piece of electronic music I composed. In the making it felt a bit like I imagine panicking when climbing a mountain at night would feel like so I called it K2-Night. Hope you like it.

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      1. Great name, George! Thanks so much, I’ll be sure to check it out. And if I do use any of your music, I’ll be sure to credit you in my post. One of my social media clients is a large wedding and events venue here in Adelaide so it should provide you with some exposure.

  1. I’ve been trying to listen to your compositions
    But due to my capabilities of being….
    I have not been able to
    It’s probably me of course
    Thank you for visiting
    As always Sheldon

  2. Mmmm. I can see the struggle here. I would not have thought a mountain, though it certainly fits. You’ve a knack for urban life in your rhythms, when man-created light holds back nature’s night. There’s also a sense of shoes with soles so thin the socks are soaked through by the puddles, and a cheek bone defined by forgotten cigarette ash.

    1. Do you know the reason I enjoy melody and sound art is not just what I see in but what the listener sees. Every time a listener says how it felt I want to compose a new one based on that

        1. You’ll catch the inspiration that no one else sees, like the last autumn leaf of the last tree of the last walk of the last park. The one no one else notices, weary of life’s pretty things by then. But you’ll see it. And you’ll know just what to do.
          I have faith in you. 🙂

        2. That’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me perhaps ever. Better still it is so close to being a first verse for an acoustic song. Thank you.

        3. It is?!? and it is?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
          Pardon the punctuation. I’m rather shocked, particularly on the latter, because I’ve always sucked at verse. Graduate school in writing rather emphasized that. Blech. But I’m glad it’s sparked something new in you. 🙂

        4. Mmmm. Mmmhmmm, true. This’ll probably sound bitchy, but that’s the primary reason I didn’t dig Bob Dylan getting the Nobel. (By his actions, I take it he doesn’t dig it, either.) Literature is dependent upon language: the words we choose, the spaces we create between them. Songs are NOT the same as poetry, for they incorporate melodies and harmonies, creating sounds and reactions language alone cannot. Does that make sense? I feel so rambly before dawn…

  3. I think that Malaria Drumpf looks way older than her 46 years, personally…then again, I understand that guys tend to not really look at a woman’s face that much.

    My 62-year-old mother has skin that is much smoother than Malaria’s leathery cheeks – and she’s had no cosmetic surgery.
    It’s all about perspective, I suppose!

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