This experimental electronic demo track (made in Bitwig) is my look at a mind on the edge of madness.  We all go that way sometimes I think.  It gradually builds up from a revolving beat, gets a bit choral (I think madness is a bit choral) goes darker before a little panic sets in.  The photo is one I took at the bi-annual World Puppet Theatre Festival in Charleville-Mézières, France. Weird place.  I hope you enjoy this track.  Here’s the link;


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17 thoughts on “ON THE EDGE

      1. I don’t press like unless I’ve read/listened to anyones blog content – I couldn’t live with myself ! No worries keep making !

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  1. I wondered about the puppets! One reminds me of Miss Piggy. I can only fathom what the rest of that place is like.
    Yes, I think the choral element is integral to your goal here. So often madness is equated with “hearing voices in our head,” after all, so why should those voices just be talking? I wonder what you could do if you worked strictly with voice…no instrument but voices. and I’m not saying just acapella (sp?), but maybe some sort of beatbox/choir mix…does that makes sense? I feel like I can’t explain myself for beans this morning…

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    1. I’ve got some freak type choral software I’m trying to work into a classical piece I haven’t had time to finish. The puppet festival was amazing but I saw some little kids crying all over the place. Bet they had bad dreams that night.

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      1. I should think so! My kids get weirded out by some of Jim Henson’s Muppets. That festival attended looks like an overwhelming crop of nightmare fuel.

        Can’t wait to listen to that classical piece!

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      2. They have the festival every two years. Artists from all over the planet turn up and the whole town gets involved. The classical piece is about two down on my list to finish when I have decided how many violins I need and after a few more sample packs for Zoolon Audio have been made and added. I will let you know when it is done.

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