There is no such thing as silence

I know that

The dictionary tells lies

Once I locked myself in a lead coffin

(might or might not have been lead)

After 4, maybe 5 minutes

I realized I could hear my heart beat

My clothes rustle

Even cotton shirts rustle when locked in too long

They never tell you that in the shop

My breath whispered in its own language

A cruel percussion of bells ringing in my head

Then the oxygen ran away screaming

What’s the point of silence

If silence is like a God?


I thought it might help when blogging if I told readers a little bit about myself. My name is George. I run Zoolon Audio  selling samples I have made to electronic musicians and sound artists mainly. The business is new and things are going well. I also write songs and make sound art myself.

I am adding to my YouTube channel

and Soundcloud  all the time.

You can find me on Twitter as well.  I don’t write poetry as such. Any words I don’t throw away become lyrics.



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        1. It seems a reciprocal place which worries me. Apart from you for example, for you read what I wrote, and I have been reading what others wrote, some ok some not not – the same as life really. A guarantee i’ll read you stuff though, thanks.

        2. Well shucks, happy to hear it. There’s definitely a quid-pro-quo vibe with some (I carry that on myself with a few), but overall I’ve got to say that the bonds forged here have been stronger than many forged by blood in my proper life.

        3. Probably I’ve been on twitter since launching my online business on Tuesday I lost contact with real people but here on WP there are real people so you’re right and I shall keep with it.

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